Welcome to the World of Colorswap Studios : Beyond Soundscapes!

Created by digital signal processing engineer and music producer Rafael Torres, Colorswap is specialized in Music and Sound Design. ColorSwap crafts atmospheric, original soundtracks and tailored sound effects for your Project: video games, advertising, short films, mobile apps, websites, and more...

Colorswap Studios is a brand new French Company. We are not committed to SACEM, the french society of composers and music publishers, because who else but you should have all rights on the audio of your project?

Colorswap Studios : Our Creations

Colorswap Studios : Our skills & Expertises

Music Composition

Sound and Voices Acquisitions

Library implementation

Sound Effects Design

Interactive Music

Enter the World of Colorswap Studios : Beyond Soundscapes!

Depending on which audio character you desire for your Project, we can inject none, to all of our French home brew music style in the Audio Artistic Direction of your Work.

We are the ones to make your Project unparalleled by getting a unique, spellbinding Audio track.

Enter the World of Colorswap Studios: Beyond Soundscapes!

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